management message


The Management of BKIC is delighted to have this opportunity to write to our employees, associates and business partners.

We are proud to say that BKIC has accomplished many achievements in the past and has been growing from “strength to strength”. Our success is owed to our loyal clients who value our professionalism, and to our most valuable assets, namely our employees, who strive with passion to achieve set goals despite adverse circumstances.

If there is one factor which sets the management of this company apart, it is our policy of openness in our communication with clients as well as employees. We take pride in the fact that we are accessible, empathetic and considerate in all our dealings. What do we gain in the process? We gain the trust and goodwill of our partners. That is as important as the balance in the P & L account at the year-end!

BKIC has been a pioneer on various fronts and our status is well recognized in the national and international markets. We have ventured into areas that were hitherto uncharted territories. We have taken insurance risks which needed highest level of skills in reinsurance and risk management.

We have handled mega industrial risks with confidence while we have also been serving 'single policy' individual clients with equal care and professionalism. All in all, we can dare say that no risk is too small for our company and no risk is too large, either. We remind ourselves every day that even a small act can make a big difference to someone.

Our employees are groomed to adopt this philosophy and treat our clients with all the respect and care that they deserve.

With the newly adopted Gulf Insurance Group (gig) identity, we are confident that BKIC will continue to contribute towards achieving the group vision of becoming the most-admired insurance brand in the MENA region. This will be achieved through investing in the best-fit people, practices, processes & technology, in ways that will add value to our clients.

We are also certain that that the unique advantage of regional and global presence of the gig group companies will help us to enhance our ability to offer best services to our valued clients and business associates.