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Management Message

Dear All,

The Management at Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (GIG Bahrain) is delighted to capture this moment and seize the opportunity to emphasize the unrivaled commitment and extend the depth of gratitude to all employees, business associates, and the growing number of invaluable partners in the industry.

Indisputably, we take great pride in BKIC’s countless achievements over the years and rejoice in the accomplishments which exemplify how the organization is growing from “strength to strength”. The company’s success story is attributed not only to all loyal clients who embrace our sense of integrity and cherish our continuous professionalism. It moreover embodies the passion and dedication of BKIC’s most valuable assets, namely the employees, whose resilience and robust work ethic prove essential in tackling the challenges and achieving the goals always with dignity and despite whenever adverse circumstances were in place.

Nowadays, the demands and trends of the insurance industry involve the type of technological advances where digitization and AI conceivably take a front-row seat and dominate the conversation. This, together with market and socioeconomic factors could jointly blur the lines of human interaction and communication. However, although everyone at BKIC embraces the new technological era, if there were one credible factor to accentuate and emphasize under our current Management’s moral compass, it would be our policy of openness in the communication both with clients as well as employees. Being accessible, empathetic and considerate in all our dealings sets us apart. Not only that, but it allows us to gain the trust and the goodwill of our partners. Arguably, this is as important, if not more, than the balance in the books at the year-end.

Pertinent to the longevity and the footprint of BKIC, the company has adopted an obligation to stand out as a pioneer on various fronts which in turn has elevated our status and level of recognition both domestically as well as on the regional markets. Venturing into areas which were previously uncharted territories demonstrates our preparedness to take on insurance risks which require the most sophisticated skill set in risk management.

Whether a mega industrial risk or a ‘single policy’ individual client is concerned, the mentality remains the same whereas each instance would be welcomed and handled with great confidence and equal care and professionalism. For BKIC no risk is too small or too large. Unquestionably, this serves as a constant reminder of how even a small act could make a big difference to an individual in our society who opted for BKIC instead for others.

To reemphasize, all employees at the organization are groomed to adopt this philosophy, exhibit the highest level of customer empathy and compassion, and ultimately treat each and every client with all the respect, care, and due diligence they deserve.

With the newly adopted Gulf Insurance Group (GIG) identity, we are confident that BKIC will continue to contribute towards achieving the group vision of becoming the most-admired insurance brand in the MENA region. The merits behind achieving this goal would revolve around procuring the best-fit professionals, adapting to the best business practices, streamlining both internal and external processes, and last but not least, transcending the present into the digital technological era.

Only in such a manner would we succeed in setting the milestones which would fortify BKIC’s perseverance and become the backbone of adding value to our clients. Combined with the unique GIG group advantage of having regional and global presence, this would also enhance our ability to delve into new ventures, solidify the collaboration efforts with all our business associates, and provide nothing but the best service.

Thank you for your support and we remain at your service, always.

Warm wishes,
Dr. Abdulla Sultan
Chief Executive Officer